Amidar 1982 By: Parker Brothers

Amidar Atari 2600 Screenshot Screenshot 1
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Amidar is a game that was probably designed as a weaning agent to help pry away the Atari controller from Pac-Man addicts. Amidar is quite simply Pac-Man with inferior, CONSTANTLY flickering graphics, poor sound, and annoyingly slow game speed. If you liked the fast paced action of Pac-Man then do not play Amidar because it will make you cry.


Amidar is a Pac-man-ish style game where you run around trying to paint a house while avoiding gorillas and tribesmen. You need to paint all the lines on the screen in order to win. The game is unfair in my opinion, because you are slower than the enemies (and I do mean slow), so you will die a lot. I have seen someone score over 3000 points on the game, but they were really bored.

Direction keys/ Joystick Move your Painter
Action Key Invulnerable to enemies for a short time
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