Armor Ambush 1982 By: Mattel

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Armor Ambus is a lot of fun. It's a lot like Combat, but you have two different tanks, and there are several types of ground that offer barriers and obstacles for the tanks to deal with. This keeps gameplay interesting. The graphics aren't great but you can tell what terrain is supposed to be trees and etc. The sound effexcts weren't very good but I think it's from the 2600's limitations. The controls are easy to learn, but the game isn't easy to get good at. Playing by yourself is a little limited, the diffuclty seems to be on impossible or pushover. This game plays a lot better with two real players going head to head.


Players control tanks that battle one another over terrain that offers varying degrees of texture and traversability. Dueling tanks was a theme familiar to owners of the Atari 2600 since Combat, the game packaged with nearly every Atari 2600 system, had a very similar premise. However, Armor Ambush expands upon the simple battles available to players of Combat. The field of battle occupies a region greater than the size of the screen. Players are able to control two tanks and switch between them on command. The terrain is more diverse, featuring areas of foliage, water, and natural barriers. Tanks will explode after three direct hits. There are two modes of game play, one in which the bullets bounce off buildings and the other where they are destroyed when they hit anything. There is also a single-player mode that allows a player to battle a computer-controlled opponent.

Up Button Move Forward
Left-Right Turn Tank
Down Button Switch Tanks
Fire Button Shoot Bullet
F2 Toggle Bouncing Bullets
Rush your enemy!
Best to get the first shot off. Remember that you have two tanks to fight with, so you may be able to flank your opponent. Terrain is important, you move fast on roads and extremely slow on water. The tank does not turn that well, and when you fire the recoil will turn your tank a bit, so you have to readjust. It takes three shots to kill your enemies.
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