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You start with 10 laser defense bases. Several things fall from the sky: rocks, spinning white bombs, "smart" guided missiles and - when your score goes over 20,000 - UFO bombs. If your active laser is hit OR a spinner lands, you lose that base. You get another base whenever your peak score goes up 1,000 points. As the score goes higher more targets appear - falling faster.

--From the Atari 2600 Astroblast instruction manual.

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Astroblast is an arcade style game in which you must protect the world from a never-ending barrage of asteroids and meteors. It is much like Space Invaders to the effect that you are controlling a land based turret, blasting the threat to mankind out of the sky.
Not much for graphics, as most early Atari games were. Simple sprite characters represent your cannon and the falling debris. Sounds are limited to cannon fire and the crashing of the asteroids when hit or when they hit the ground. Controls respond well, but this game is just so simple, there is not really much fun in playing it.


Move your turret left and right, and fire your cannon into space at falling asteroids/meteors. Falling at various speeds, points are gained when objects are destroyed, and points are lost when they reach your planet. Larger asteroids split into two meteors when shot. Should any of the falling rocks strike your gun, you lose a life.

Joystick Move Turret
Fire Button Fire Laser Cannon
Keep Your Weapon Firing
Keeping your weapon firing, even when you don't have targets in front of you, increases the chance of hitting some of the asteroids that have just appeared on the screen.
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