Beany Bopper 1982 By: Sirius

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Your job is to capture Beanies, Bouncing Orange Eyes, and a crazy variety of Falling Objects. Beanies are devious and deadly and must be shot with the Bopper's stun gun before they can be captured.

--From the Atari 2600 Beany Bopper instruction manual.

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Beany Bopper is vertically scrolling arcade game in which you control an orb or eyeball looking thing. You are assaulted by a pair of grimacing helicopters (which are so ugly in essence they remind me of Console Classix founders, Jeremy & Joshua Ethridge) in a constantly moving obstacle course. This game features limited graphics and color, characteristically Atari 2600, but the main thing it lacks is fun. There seems to be no point to this monotonous game except scoring points, which would be fine for a game that is interesting.
Graphics are painfully simple, even for 2600, and sound effects are limited to just a few computerized bloops, bleeps and a digitalized "uh-oh" sound. Control response is good, so thankfully it is not a detractor in what is already an extremely boring game. While I evidently don't like Beany Bopper, there may be one out there who does. So, if the fate of mankind depends on it, please save us all, I don't believe I have it in me.


Maneuver "the orb" with joystick and fire your weapon at the "frowning choppers". Your enemy flies around in a random motion and their only threat to you is to touch you, as they do not possess weapons. Should one touch you, you lose "an orb". Firing is directional, depending on the the position of "the orb". When you shoot the "frowning choppers", they are not destroyed, but become paralyzed until they reach the bottom of the screen. If one reaches the bottom of the screen, it becomes fully active again.
Collect the "paralyzed frowning chopper" for points, and then an object will begin to descend from the top of the screen. Collect the falling objects, which are represented by bombs, planes, and parachuting men, before they reach the bottom of the screen. Each time you grab one, another falling object immediately appears on the screen. If it reaches the bottom before you intercept it, it becomes, once again, a fully-functional "frowning chopper" and a threat to humanity. Oh, Someone Please, Save Us!!!

Joystick Move Orb and Determine Aim
Fire Button Fire Weapon
Slow Down the Falling Objects
Shoot the falling bombs with your weapon, and that will slow their descent to the bottom of the screen.
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