Breakaway 4 1978 By: Sears

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This is Breakout released by Sears under a different name for some reason. It's exactly the same as the original Atari 2600 game. I could say "See review of Breakout" but I'll just pop it in here for you.
This is the original game of bouncing a ball around with a paddle, trying to break all the bricks. Pretty simple, no? And there have been so many Breakout style games made that you can't possibly be unfamiliar with the concept, although you may have never heard of the original.


Ah, truly the beginning of an era. The first known instance of what we have come to know and love as 'Breakout Physics'. That is to say, the angle of reflection is independent of the angle of incidence, but instead depends on the point of contact. In other words, for those of you who aren't science geeks, if the ball hits the middle of the paddle it bounces straight up, if it hits the left side it bounces left, if it hits the right side it bounces right. Sadly, as is all too often the case, if the ball fails to hit the paddle at all, it falls down into the abyss and is lost forever, or until you start again.

F1 Start Game
F2 Select Game
Ctrl or Joystick Button Release and Catch Ball
Unlimited Balls (Play for Fun)
Choose any of the 'catch' games (like number 3) and begin playing. When you catch your last ball, press Select (F2), then release the ball. The game will continue with unlimited balls, but it's in Demo mode so no score is kept.
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