Demon Attack 1982 By: Imagic

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Marooned on the ice planet Krybor, you watch legions of eerie creatures scream overhead. They hover ominously. They give you no quarter. Attack and destroy them, or be destroyed! Armed with your Laser Cannon, you confront the ultimate challenge: SURVIVE!

--From the Atari 2600 Demon Attack instruction manual.

Available: 3
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Demon Attack is one of Imagic's biggest hits. It's a lot of fun to play. The gameplay is simple, you just use your ship's cannon to destroy the demons attacking you. The graphics looked good despite the limitations of the Atari 2600. The colors were the highlight, as they change as you go up the stages.
The story is a little different than the name suggests. You would think that our planet was being attacked by demons. Instead, you are trapped on a foreign ice planet being attacked by demons. The sounds were pretty good, except for the sound the baby demons make, it was too high pitched. The "music" was cool because it was really just a steady, escalating, tone that seemed to build the suspense as you played longer. The pitch of the tone got higher and higher the longer you played. It would start over after you die or make it to another level. It's highly addictive and fun to play, try it as soon as possible.


Use the laser cannon on your ship to destroy the demons that are attacking you. Why can't you just use the ship to fly away from this dangerous planet? I don't know, maybe your hyperdrive is leaking... just blast your way out! Watch out for the demons closest to the bottom, they will fire lasers at you, and if you get hit once you lose a ship. After you defeat a wave of demons, you will be awarded an extra ship and another horde to fight.
As you progress, the demons will get more abilities. First they will start to split into two baby demons after being shot the first time. Then, their lasers will start moving where they want them to, making it harder to get under them so you can shoot them. Eventually they'll get to the point where they'll do both, split into two AND lasers that obey their commands. Play continues until you die. A never-ending cycle of death that you must defy as long as you can to get the highest possible point score.

Joystick Moves your ship left or right
Button Fire laser
Splitting Demons
When the demons start splitting, try to pop off a shot right after you hit one that splits. If you're fast and accurate enough, you can go ahead and eliminate one of the demon spawn.
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