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What kind of crazy planet is this, anyway? We came here to conduct a simple study of primitive planets, and look what happened! These...things...came and scared away my friends. Before I knew it, all my friends boarded our lightship and flew home.

What do I do now? The only one I can trust is that nice little alien-- Ellleeott. He gives me those tasty energy pills (What did he call them? Reeessseess Peeesssesss?) But these other aliens! Every time I get ready to assemble my transgalactic communicator, they come and take me away. The one with the white coat sticks that temperature measuring device in my mouth (I wonder why he was so upset when it melted?), and the other one in the trench coat keeps muttering those strange sounds (Naaashaaannaall Seeeccuuuureeetteee?) I just want to go home! I hope Elllleeott and I can assemble all the pieces of my communicator before my energy runs out.

Oh, oh. Here come those crazy aliens again. Help me, Elllleeott! Help me get home!

--From the Atari 2600 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial instruction manual.

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So a lot of you watched the movie. I don't want to spoil it, but here's a review of the game. The manual says that you have to help E.T. find the three pieces of his interplanetary telephone, call his ship, and guide him to the landing pad in time to be rescued.
I think that this is one of the worst games I have ever played, like most people who played the game. It's so bad that the remaining cartridges at the Atari factory had to be put in a landfill. Remember, there are MUCH better games out there than this piece of junk.


Collect the items and try to get ET back home, like in the movie. That's easier said than done. As you're going through the levels finding the parts, you'll need to watch out for holes in some sections. It's worse getting out of them than falling in.

Fire Button Move Neck
Mothership Crash
Purposely allow E.T. to die on the landing pad while waiting for the mothership. The game will crash if Elliot arrives on the screen but doesn't save E.T.
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