Freeway 1981 By: Activision

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If you think driving on a busy freeway is intense...wait 'till you try to cross it on foot! In Freeway by ACTIVISION, your challenge is to guide a chicken across ten lanes of the most perilous freeway traffic imaginable. Be careful, because those speeding cars and trucks don't brake for animals! So, before you start the chicken across the road, take a minute to read these instructions. You'll find out how to score points by leading your fearless fowl to safety without getting his feathers ruffled by a "semi".

--From the Atari 2600 Freeway instruction manual.

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Try to get as many chickens across the road as you can. Activision's Atari games were some of the best made. This one is no different. The graphics are pretty good for the 2600, and the sounds are repetitive but pleasant. The controls are super easy to use. Freeway is a fun game so give it a try!


Freeway is a pretty fun game. It's a lot like Frogger except you can't move left to right, just forward or back. You have to get as many chickens across the road as you can in the allotted time limit.

Use Arrow keys to move, Ctrl is the Fire button.
Don't forget that you can move back if you get in trouble.
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