Bubble Bobble 1994 By: Taito

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Bubble Bobble started as an arcade game and was ported to many systems. This was a good port. The first time I played it was on NES, and this port has graphics and sounds that are just as good or better. The controls are real easy because there are two actions, and two buttons. They were also nice and responsive. The story is a classic, your girlfriends have been kidnapped and it's up to you and your friend to save them. There are a lot of levels, monsters, bonuses, and power-ups which made for some great gameplay. The gameplay was also unique in that each level was one screen that you could jump around in. If there was a hole at the bottom, you could fall down it, and you would come out the top. Also, you could go up the top, and come out the bottom. This game is a lot of fun and highly addictive.


You play Bub or Bob, depending on which player you are, who play just the same but are different colors. If you decide to play two players, the two of you will try to defeat evil together. It's your job to save your respective girlfriends by fighting your way through all the levels. There are 99 levels to make it through before you will get to the big boss. All the levels are one screen big, and as soon as you dispatch all the enemies, you will move on to the next. Do this by trapping them in a bubble and then popping that bubble. If you take too long to pop the bubble, they will pop out of it very angry. When they are angry they will be faster and chasing you more actively. You can also jump to higher platforms, or jump on top of bubbles you have already blown. To jump on top of bubbles, you must hold in the jump button while landing on one, and you will bounce on it. All bubbles, whether they contain a monster or not, will pop eventually. You can tell when it's about to happen because they will turn red first. There a couple of power-ups to help you on your way. You can find bubble gum that will allow you to shoot bubbles faster and farther. Also there is a pair of boots that will make you fast. There are also bubbles that contain letters. If you get enough of these to spell EXTEND, you get an extra life. There are also bubbles filled with water that will drop the water in them when popped. The water will make its way to the bottom of the screen and will carry you with it if you get in the way. You will also get a lot of extra points on the way. Whenever you destroy an enemy, its body will turn into something that is worth points. Collect as many of these as you can to get the highest point score. Each level has a time limit. When the time limit is up, it doesn't mean automatic game over. Instead, an enemy that looks like a white whale will appear to try and kill you. You can't kill him, you can only finish the level or die to make him go away. Also, as soon as he appears, all the enemies that are left become angry. Happy girlfriend-hunting, and good luck!

1 Button Shoot
2 Button Jump
Start Button Start/Pause
Two Birds With One Stone
If you can several enemies trapped in the bubbles at the same time, pop them at the same time to make more letter bubbles appear.
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