Devilish 1991 By: Sage's Creation INC

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Devilish is a crazy-hard game of Break-Out. You play your way through settings like a graveyard, volcano, and dungeons. The background changes with every level, and there are many kinds of blocks and enemies, making it as much fun if not more than Break-Out. The music is more like RPG music than puzzler music, which is fitting because it's like a Break-Out block puzzler and RPG combined, though admittedly less RPG and more Break-Out. Also, it' a bit like pin ball, with point tunnels and wells that swallow the ball and then spit it back out. The first enemies look like Jerry Garcia. I'm not sure how I feel about blowing him up, but oh well.


Paddle it! Bounce the blue ball against the blocks to destroy them just like Break-Out! BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! In Devilish there are also enemies to explode by bouncing the ball off of them. Also, there are three different paddle configurations: two stacked on top of each other (default), three paddles (which covers more screen area), and an L and reverse L (to catch the ball when it's coming in at steep angles).  Not only that, but you can move the top red paddle up and down the screen to get closer to the action. You may need to do this, because as an added challenge there's a time limit, and the only way to get through some of the levels fast enough is to get that red paddle up there and keep the ball as close to the bricks as possible.
Like traditional Break-Out, you have many different kinds of blocks (i.e. one, two, or many hits to break) and different power-ups that get you points and change things like paddle size. Break treasure chests with the ball and they will drop power-ups that you have to catch with the paddles!
This is an addictive game, but watch out, it's Devilishly hard!

A Button Changes Paddle Configuration
B Button N/A
Start Button Start Game/Pause
Paddle the Pig
You may have thought that you saw a flying pig streak across the screen, especially when you were running low on life. Destroy him and you'll gain a life.
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