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The recent theft of Oxford University's highly classified prototype nano-robot project -- and disappearance of its overseer, Dr. Katya Nadanova -- has caused chaos in the global intelligence community. This nanobot project was a humanitarian effort intended to facilitate the remote inspection and repair of hazardous nuclear containment facilities. However, in the wrong hands, this technology could be used for entirely more sinister purposes.

This is where you come in, Bond. We've already identified the rogue political faction responsible for the theft and tracked them to a secret facility in Egypt's Sahara Desert. Your mission, 007, is to destroy both the hardware and the facility. The fate of the world may very well rest once again on your success.

--From the GBA 007 Everything or Nothing instruction manual.

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Bond is back, and like you've never seen him before. "007: Everything or Nothing" abandons the FPS design of its processors for an isometric, third person action game (perfect for the GBA capabilities). Almost Metal Gear-esque in its approach, "007: Everything or Nothing" values stealth over bravado (apparently 007 has been maturing). Don't worry, you'll still get the chance to blow plenty of things up, but in "007: Everything or Nothing", Bond is rewarded for completing objective, and killing on the sly.
While not based on any particular movie, "007: Everything or Nothing" does a great job of making the player feel as though they were dropped into a Bond film. The character animations are incredibly smooth, and the backgrounds are rich in detail. The music in "007: Everything or Nothing" feels as if it is taken straight from the silver screen, and does a great job of building the Bond atmosphere. The sound effects are stellar, the shooting and explosions simply sound awsesome. The sound effects are especially effective when playing "007: Everything or Nothing" on Console Classix and utilizing larger computer speakers (the GBA speakers don't do the sounds justice). "007: Everything or Nothing" isn't particularly difficult, nor does it require a large amount of time to beat, but that doesn't stop the game from feeling far-reaching and being a blast to play. The only aspect of "007: Everything or Nothing" I found problematic (other than the obtuse title) was its controls. Navigating a third person isometric game with a directional pad can be frustrating, but this is somewhat mitigated by the tight, responsive controls. Any fan of the 007 films will be highly entertained by this entry in the 007 series.


As James Bond, the player will have to fight through 12 levels of mayhem. Bond's adventures take him to Egypt, Peru, New Orleans, and finally Moscow. Each level has a main objective, as well as a series of secondary objectives. Secondary objectives typically involve stealth kills and collecting objects. The player can look at the objectives any time by pressing start on the field screen and going to objectives.

"007: Everything or Nothing" also features driving stages that are very similar to Spy Hunter, where Bond must avoid taking damage and running off the road, while destroying heavily armored enemy vehicles. Bond will be awarded gadgets for completing missions, and given the option to purchase upgrades and equipment in Q's lab upon completing a mission using money (I assume that's a write-off).

Stealth really is the name of the game in this Bond offering. Bond has plenty of weapons, many of which are not stealthy, such as mines, grenades, PPK pistol, Mach 10, and an MP5 sub machine gun (Bond can acquire silencers as well) . While the player might be tempted to release the full extent of Bond's arsenal, it pays to be stealthy, literally, money is earned for style points, which are accrued by executing stealth kills. The quantity of bullets and bombs is also limited, so it is advantageous to utilize Bond's stealth capabilities whenever possible, which also enables the player to purchase all of the upgrades. Enemies will hear Bond unless he is crouching, and will see Bond, unless he is hiding behind an object.

- Game Boy Advance Controller -
Up Move up
Down Move down
Left Move left
Right Move right
A Button Fire gun / Fire car machine gun
B Button Stealth Kill / Fire car rocket
R Button Crouch, Stand / Hold for manual aim
L Button Use gadget
Start Button Pause
Select Button Scroll gadgets
Save your ammo by performing stealth kills. Utilize the silencer as often as possible.
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