4 Pack Racing 2001 By: THQ

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"GT Advance Championship Racing" has no discernible story, but common sense suggests that the player is a novice race car driver trying to claw their way to the top of the rankings, earning better cars and upgrades along the way. Or, maybe it's some kind of Fast and the Furious scenario where the protagonist is running from a past life and towards a girlfriend who has been kidnapped by the Yakuza, you decide.

--(Definitely not from the manual)

--From the GBA 4 Pack Racing instruction manual.

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"GT Advance Championship Racing" is one of the best racing games available for any system, anywhere, period. The only other racing game that deserves to be mentioned in the same conversation as "GT Advance Championship Racing" is Gran Turismo. The two games share many similarities in terms of depth, stellar graphics, and tight controls. Car upgrades are earned through gameplay. The wide range of upgrades make the experience completely customizable, and encourages grinding through the game, providing endless replayability. "GT Advance Championship Racing" impresses at every turn, provides pure adrenaline (and super un-leaded) fueled fun, and is an absolute must play for any gamer.


"GT Advance Championship Racing" features the make and model of actual car manufacturers (although some of the cars are found exclusively in Asia). The cars in the game actually look identical to the cars in real life, no easy fete on the Game Boy Advance, and a nod to the high quality graphics engine. The depth of gameplay is startling, 48 cars from 8 manufacturers are available. There are also countless modifications and upgrades that can be made to each car.
Each car handles differently (as they should), but I was surprised at how responsive the controls are across the board. I noticed that the stop time for the Acura Integra Type-R was much different than the Nissan Cube, adding to the challenge of mastering the powerslide, a turning technique necessary to beat other cars around turns. The player also has the option of choosing a manual, or automatic drive.
"GT Advance Championship Racing" features 32 different courses, a huge amount for any racing game. Making that number even more impressive is the fact that the tracks are not all pavement, some are actually dirt, which will requires the player to strategize their car's aftermarket load out before tackling a particular track. There are three cups of varying levels to attempt in championship mode. Upon completion of championship mode, a Kart racing mode is unlocked (even more content!).

- Game Boy Advance Controller -
Up Main menu selection
Down Main menu selection
Left Turn left
Right Turn right
A Button Gas
B Button Break
R Button Shift up
L Button Shift down
Start Button Start
Select Button N/A
Always choose the manual option, as downshifting can be very useful when navigating tight turns.
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