Pokemon: Fire Red 2004 By: Nintendo

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A GBA remake of the classic Pokemon red version for the original game boy, this version has updated the old red version and filled it with lots of new concepts which they have taken from the games they've made in between, gold, silver, crystal etc. Certain new features include an experience gauge below the hit points bar in the battle screen. A tutorial before the game starts, extra side quests, adopted new styles of game play from newer Pokemon games, and, 3 new islands.


You, like in the original red version start out as a Pokemon trainer who, like always, wants to "catch 'em all" so you start out by looking for professor Oak since you cant find him you move onto the next town and before you touch the long grass he stops you saying that Pokemon inhabit this area and it is not safe, he takes you back to his lab and lets you choose one of his Pokemon, the same starter 3 from the original red, after a back and forth between the first two towns you finally get to embark on your adventure collecting gym badges and catching every different type of Pokemon. The remake is pretty good it takes away some of the little things that annoyed you in the first game, for example checking your exp. from the pokemon menu, now in this version you get the experience meter during battle so you can proportionally see how much more experience your Pokemon needs. If you already had red version for the game boy there wouldn't be much point getting this unless you feel the nerdy sensation to own all the games. If you like cheat codes however there's a ton of gameshark codes out there for fire red and since its on the GBA,the GBA emulator is the only GB with a gameshark add-on.

A Button action/select button
B Button run/back
Start Button pause menu
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