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Asteroids and Missile Command, these two great game names are synonymous to amazing Arcade games of the golden era. If you were alive and 12 and up when these games were in the Arcades, I guarantee you were playing them or you lived under a rock. So when they weren't cashing out as well in the 90's and many of the current generation hadn't played the classics that made gaming what it is today, Atari decided to distribute these epic titles, and even more, move them to the most popular portable of all time. They hoped this would sell well with 2 games for one, and when the older gamers would see such classics on a portable, that they'd pick up a Game Boy too. However, if you ask me, these game don't translate over well, and play as such.
The games themselves may be classics, but whoever reworked them to be put on a small screen with limited colors, forgot they were putting it on a small screen with limited colors. They also didn't take the time to make sure the controls were as smooth as they were 10 years before this port was thought of. That's a huge let down, that 10 years of new technology couldn't make a game as fast, smooth, and simple as it was when it was released in huge Arcade machines. Since Atari was only trying to be a cash cow, the controls in these versions simply seem broken, unresponsive, and very slow. This is wildly aggravating since these two games were a pair of the most difficult of the time.
Furthermore, these aren't exact ports. They attempted to add a new feature or two, make the games more difficult, or add a bit of flare to each. Messing with the original formula messed with the concept of replaying the classics, making these titles a feel of a cheap knockoff rather than the actual games.
Worse yet, they actually touched the original graphics. They worked so hard on upgrading them that the controls weren't tweaked right. The original Asteroids used vector graphics. They could have used the same in GBC, but instead updated them to look like real asteroids. This rips every bit of nostalgia possible, making the game less fun to play and just plain ugly. Your ship also looks like some sort of X-Wing rip-off. With such tiny graphics and as hideous as they were, I could have really done without the outside border taking more room. The limited space makes Missile command even harder. Asteroids is worse, thanks to the asteroid floating off the screen before you even know they are gone. When the asteroids are in their smallest phase, you'll need a magnifying glass just to play. In Missile Command it can be almost impossible to tell where exactly your missile is going to land and where theirs is heading.
The sounds will have you wishing for the 80's bleeps and beeps over the GB's lousy screaming sound. Every sound seems to be too loud and mimicked repeatedly. You are definitely going to be annoyed in the first few minutes. The music is absolutely a mess and doesn't sound anything like the originals. I suggest playing on mute.
Where they may have had a good idea, they failed miserably to execute it. Even two legendary games with makeovers couldn't survive themselves and their own popularity 10 years later (now 20!) Still, the games are fun and addictive but this doesn't do them justice in any way!
I can't believe I have to do this, but I give Arcade Classic 1 a 5 out of 10!


Asteroids: Control your ship as you blast Asteroids in space off your screen. Score as many points as you can by destroying asteroids and blowing UFO's away. Use some early versions of physics as you accelerate and drift off at light speed. Send your ship into hyperspace, reappearing at another end of a worm hole. Be careful though, this could result in your imminent death if you come out near an oncoming asteroid!
Every level will start you out with increasingly more asteroids floating in random directions. Be careful, the edge of the screen is no limit. Blast the asteroids repeatedly into smaller and smaller pieces until they are no more. The smaller the asteroid the more points you receive!
Clear the screen and repeat!
Missile Command: Protect your six cities from destruction from what seems to be an infinite amount of enemy invader missiles. These missiles will become stronger and smarter in later levels, so keep your aim steady and be sure to practice swift yet precise hits.
Use your cross hair and shoot your missile. As long as your missiles debris hits an incoming missile it will blow. You can set off a chain of explosions if missiles keep hitting other missiles' debris! Try to set the ultimate combo and rack up the most points!
Make sure you watch the amount of missiles each of your two silos still have remaining and use them wisely. For every city you save and missile remaining at the end of a wave you will receive bonus points.
Go through several of the world's largest, most popular cities, and save the world from being demolished by missiles!

A Button HyperSpace
B Button Shoot
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Choose Difficulty
Missile Command
A Button Shoot Missile Left
B Button Shoot Missile Right
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Choose Difficulty
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