Arcade Classic 2 1995 By: Accolade

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Another set of classic arcade games. In this game, play either Millipede or Centipede. These games are virtually the same, the only differences are the colors of the centipede and millipede, and the number of legs, I guess (You can't really tell).
Like most arcade games there isn't much of a storyline. The graphics are decent, but the sound is pretty much just noise. Turn it off.


Guide your drill, using the directional arrows, in the tall grass, and weave in between the spiders, mushrooms, scorpions, and centipede (millipede). You can only go halfway up the screen. To complete the level, blast all of the pieces of centipede (millipede). For each piece of body part you destroy, a mushroom will appear in the exact spot it was hit. After you blast all the centipede/millipede segments, the screen will flash "Level Completed." The higher the level, the more mushrooms, spiders, bugs, and every other creepy crawler will appear. Blast these other insects for additional points. Remember, the bigger the critter, the more points you get for killing it.

A Button FIRE
B Button FIRE
Start Button START/PAUSE
Select Button N/A
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