Asteroids 1998 By: Activision

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Asteroids is one of the biggest arcade games of all time. Asteroids was ported to more systems than almost any other game. This port was great! They added some new ships to fly with new powers, and they made the color and graphics look great! The music was "science fictiony," and the sound effects were pretty good, except for the sound of your gun firing. It's a high pitched noise that gets irritating after you complete a couple of levels.
This Asteroids game is a lot of fun to play. They even put some of the old-looking graphics in this game. Sometimes, while you are fighting, you will see an asteroid that looks like one of the old ones: if you shoot it, it will display the year 1979. Just a little nostalgia! If you are an Asteroids fan, be sure to give this port a try!


Save yourself from the deadly Asteroids by using your blaster to destroy them. Be sure to use the thruster to dodge Asteroids as well.
There are three ships, and each one has its own defense system that is activated by pressing down on the D-pad. The Dagger will instantly face the opposite direction, allowing you to shoot an asteroid that is creeping up behind you. The Rapier has the same defense as the original game, hyperspace. When you press down, you will disappear for a few seconds and reappear somewhere random on the screen. Lastly, the Longsword will activate a temporary shield when you press down, rendering you invincible for a few seconds. Each ship can perform its defense three times per level. You only have one hitpoint, so use your defenses wisely. All the ships have the same secondary attack, and it's called Armageddon. They must be collected during gameplay and activated by pressing A. When you activate it, it will attack in all directions, blowing up anything near you. Be sure to use it only in dire straits, because there won't be many.

A Button Use Secondary Weapon
B Button Fire
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
Enemy Vessels
Watch out for enemy ships, they will fire on you. Be sure to kill them for safety's sake, and besides, they are worth a lot of points!
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