Azure Dreams 1997 By: Konami

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Monsbaiya is a town filled with monster hunters that are constantly drawn to the nearby Monster Tower. They want to find the secrets and perhaps treasure that lie inside. They also know that a feat that great will not go unrecognized. Kou knows well that the tower holds peril. He lost his father to it. Years ago his father left to search the giant building. He never returned. He was presumed dead. His family had to move on with their life. Now Kou is fifteen and old enough to go to the tower himself. He decides to go and either avenge his father's death, or find him still alive.

--From the GBC Azure Dreams instruction manual.

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Azure Dreams is a pretty fun game. It reminds me of a mix between Lufia II and Pokemon. The story reminds me of Lufia, while the monster capturing reminds me of Pokemon. This game was originally on Playstation. I think Konami did a pretty good job porting it to the Gameboy. The graphics are excellent for a Gameboy game. I personally didn't much like the music, but that's just my taste. I don't think it's poorly done, just poorly selected. If you like RPG's, you should give this one a try.


Avenge your father by going to the Monster Tower and destroying the Evil that dwells there.

A Button Talk/Select
B Button Run
Start Button Start/Inventory
Select Button None
Skip Lesson
Take the color off your first monster and you will not have to listen to his entire lesson.
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