Battle Zone & Super Breakout 1996 By: Black Pearl

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This 2 in 1 Gameboy game features 2 Atari arcade classics from the late seventies/early eighties.
Battlezone, released originally in 1981, is an excellent rendition of the tank battle contest. The GBC version looks and plays almost exactly like the original. The view of this game is from your tank as you seek enemy tanks to destroy. Monocolored green "outline" graphics make up the enemy tanks and the various geometric shapes that litter the playing field. Your view of the landscape is centered by your aiming targets, and a radar at the top of the screen pin-points approaching enemies. True to the original, the screen "cracks" when you are hit by enemy fire.
Graphics, as noted above, are simple, green colored outline shapes, similar to Asteroids in design. Sound effects in this game include the light rumble of the movement of your tank and the simple sounds of shots and explosions. Also, the radar will beep to warn you of an enemy's approach. Controller response is good as well.
Super Breakout, one of Atari's first arcade games ever, was released in 1979. Based on Pong (the first video game ever), you must bounce a "ball" against rows of colored "bricks" with your "paddle" for points. This game is much like its arcade counterpart as well.
Graphics are simple shapes, as the bricks are small rectangles and your paddle is a simply a line. The only sound effects are the bloops and bleeps from bouncing the ball off your paddle and breaking bricks. Controls respond well, but there is a strange glitch in the gameplay. Sometimes the ball will ricochet strangely, taking a different path back than should have taken. It doesn't detract from the game's playability, it just kind of keeps you on your toes.
Two great arcade classics, accurately recreated for the Gameboy. Battle Zone and Super Breakout is a good 2 for 1 deal.


Battle Zone: Maneuver your tank through the playing field searching for enemy tanks. Radar indicates enemy location, and a text box in upper left corner announces an enemy tank being within firing range. Tanks behind obstacles in the field are protected from being fired upon. Destroy tanks for points. If you are hit by enemy fire, you lose a tank. Super Breakout: Bounce the ball against the bricks with your paddle, breaking them for points. Each row of bricks has point value, increasing with each row. The two back rows of bricks will increase the ball's speed slightly. If you break all the way through and your ball hits the top of the screen, your paddle becomes half-size. Break all the bricks and you advance to another set of bricks. Allow the ball past your paddle and you lose 1 ball.

A Button Fire, Launch Ball
B Button Fire, Launch Ball
Easy Does It
Both games are relatively simple and self-explanatory. Not really much to hint about.
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