Final Fantasy Legend 2 1991 By: Squaresoft

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This addition to the Final Fantasy saga was a lot like its predecessor. Classic Final Fantasy game-play with a twist on character promotion. After killing a monster, he may leave some meat behind. If you eat it, you may change into something else. For a list of the meats and what they will do check GameFAQs. This game takes a pretty long time to beat, and it has lots of replay value because you can always see how it would go if you started with a different combination of party members. Except for the lack of color, the graphics are still just as good as they were on the NES. The Final Fantasy legacy is still alive and well today, if you have never played this one or are just feeling nostalgic, click the launch button and get cracking.


Find your dad and save the world from the forces that want to use the magi for their evil aspirations.

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B Button Cancel
Start Button Menu
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It's always good to wander around somewhere that isn't too hard or easy for your party so you can gain experience points and gold.
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