Frogger 1999 By: Hasbro / Konami

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Frogger is one of the most successful classic video games of all time. It started as an arcade game in 1981. Since then it has been ported to many different platforms, and can be found at many different websites on the Internet. This game is very simple to learn, and highly addictive.
This Gameboy version is done very well. The graphics are well drawn, and I love the choice of color palette. The controls are responsive, which is a must in this game. The sounds were pleasant and cute. The difficulty goes up as you ascend the levels, making this game very addictive and replayable. If you like Frogger, this is a good example. If you've never tried Frogger, get to it!


The object of the game is to get five frogs, one at a time, to the empty docks on the other side of the river, before the time runs out. Do this by maneuvering each frog across the freeway through traffic and across the river, without falling in. Then, you move on to the next level in a never-ending points quest.  
All you have to do is push a direction on the d-pad, and the frog will take one hop in that direction. Avoid cars, alligators, snakes, and the water. Touching any of these will result in loss of a frog, and since you only start with three, you don't have any to spare. You can ride on the back of an alligator floating downstream, but watch out for his mouth. When it opens he'll eat you. Pick up female frogs and flies for bonus points.

D-pad Move frog
Be careful of turtles, because in every level there a few that will go up and down in the water. If you are riding on one when it goes under, you will lose a frog.
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