Kirby's Block Ball 1996 By: Nintendo

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Welcome to Kirby's Block Ball
In this adventure, Kirby takes centre stage in a frenzied, block-clearing free for all! Through the positioning of the paddle, you send a ball into the playing field and clear a variety of blocks, with the goal of establishing a high score! After facing familiar enemies, Kirby must confront his arch-nemesis, King Dedede! It will not be an easy task...
Use the four abilities and the Kirby Power Bounce Wisely!

Good luck, Kirby!

--From the Gameboy Kirby's Block Ball instruction manual.

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Kirby is in another match against King Dedede. This time, he is in a Breakout-style game. In every stage, you have to get rid of all the bricks to complete it.


You must hit the bricks and various enemies with Kirby in ball form, while avoiding the spikes in all corners. If you decide to press the A button when Kirby is near your paddle, he will fly for a little bit, or until he hits the spikes. When you get to the last section of a stage, you fight a familiar boss by hitting it with the ball.
Here's a nice twist: when you hit a certain enemy, you get its ability. You'll also get powerups along the way. Sometimes, you'll get to access a bonus level. See that castle above the first stage? You can only get to it once you get a high enough score in all the levels. Here's what I think of the game. The game might be just hitting the ball against the bricks, but it gets better as the game progresses. What's not so good is that the game can be completed in one or two days. Other than that, it's a blast!

A Button Make Kirby fly
B Button Use special ability
Start Button Pause game
Select Button Use with Start to exit completed level
Unlock Level 11
Clear the Borderline every level
Unlock Bonus Games
Get 235000 or more on stage 11
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