Kirby's Pinball Land 1993 By: Nintendo

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Kirby, your pudgy buddy from Dream Land, is back again on Game Boy! This time the game is Pinball, and Kirby will have to face King Dedede and his bosses who guard the three Pinball Lands. In order to defeat King Dedede and his three bosses, Kirby becomes a pinball. This allows him to fight effectively in the Pinball Lands -- each a magical land with all kinds of tricks and bonuses!

How high can you score? Can Kirby defeat King Dedede again? Let's find out!
Okay Kirby, turn into a pinball and get ready for a wacky pinball battle!

--From the Gameboy Kirby's Pinball Land instruction manual.

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King Dedede is back! This time, Kirby's gotta battle his old nemesis in a pinball-like world. In order to get used to this world, and defeat Dedede and his three bosses, Kirby must become a pinball himself. Kirby must go through three different lands to do so. Can he do it? Be prepared for a battle of pinball skill!

This game is definitely one of my favorites. The gameplay is very nice, as I expected. The graphics, although Game Boy level, are acceptable, and pleasing to the eye. The sound isn't much, since some of the "bloop" sounds when hitting something sound a bit dull, but the background music makes up for it.


A pinball game. Go through three stages of pinball mayhem, racking up points and getting to the top of the level. You might, no...WILL fight baddies to get to the boss. There's powerups to help you, though, like Maxim Tomatoes and Pep Brews. You might also encounter a few bonus games as well, so keep an eye out for those.

A Button Right Flipper, Show High Scores On Title Screen
B Button Shakes machine, Show High Scores On Title Screen
Start Button Start or Pause Game
Select Button Save Game
Left Button Left Flipper
Bonus Game
At the title screen press Left + B + Select
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