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You are an 11-year old boy living in Pallet Town with your mother. Your
rival lives next door to you. You and your rival used to play nicely
together when you were little, but lately, he has become mean. He sees
you as his rival because you are the same age and height. You also get
similar grades in school. When you hear that Professor Oak is learning
about Pokémon, you get excited because you are a curious boy. You walk
outside of Pallet Town in search of Pokémon and you hear a voice.

"Hey! Don't go into the grass!" It was Professor Oak. "There are wild Pokémon
living in the grass," he said. "They can be very dangerous. If you have trained Pokémon, you can let them fight against wild ones."

Professor Oak took you back to his lab where your rival was waiting. Professor Oak invited him because he is Professor Oak's grandson. Professor Oak spoke, "There are three Pokémon here, so take the one you like! Now that you have a Pokémon, the rest is up to you..."

--from the Game Boy Pokémon game manual

1998, the US would never be the same. The original Pokémon games(Red and Blue) hit America by storm. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing the Pokémon. Now it's on Console Classix and it's just as good as ever.


It's time to be a Pokémon Master. The Pokémon series follows the basic RPG palette, only instead of training the heroes you catch monsters and train them to fight others' monsters.
Pokémon battles are one-on-one fights, where you and your opponent select one out of four moves you've taught your Pokémon and have them attack each other. Each Pokémon and move have a type alignment. These 15 types play a rock paper scissors game on your damage, some attacks being enhanced (Like Electric on Water) or being completely nullified (Ground against Flying). You'll have to build a versatile team of 6 Pokémon that can handle a constantly changing battle climate. Lucky for you, most of your enemies base their entire teams around a single type.

A Button Select items from menus
B Button Cancel menus
Start Button Accesses trainer menu
Select Button Quick select for key items
NOTE: No Pokémon you raise in this version will be eligible for tournaments of any kind.
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