Pokemon Pinball 1999(US)
2000(EU) By: Nintendo

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Taking the idea of Pokemon and putting it in a classic Pinball environment. Although your main objective is to fight through the bosses, you still have the usual Pokemon objective of catching all the Pokemon. You have 2 varying pinball tables (Red & Blue), obviously this links to the original Red and Blue Pokemon games. The Pokemon you can catch on each table also correspond to the Pokemon that were available on that version of Pokemon (specific Pokemon can only be caught on a certain table). If you want to ďcatch Ďem allĒ be sure to save your progress from the Pause menu or just save it on the emulator menu.

At the beginning of a game, you randomly select what town you want to catch Pokemon from. These towns are, again, from the red and blue games. The music, like the music from the originals, is slightly annoying, but very catchy. Although the music is different between the red and blue games, they stick to the same style of tune so you know it's Pokemon. The music changes when a Pokemon appears, giving you a new, slightly childish, battle theme, however this game is intended for young kids, so....

This game definitely gives you the impression that you're playing real pinball here, as it has all the trademark symbols of a pinball table in Pokemon form.


Bounce a Pokeball around the pinball table, going for high scores and trying to capture and evolve Pokemon. You get little Pikachuís which save your ball if it falls down the side. However, they donít always save it, and they switch sides depending on what flipper you last used (if you use the left flipper, Pikachu will go on the left side). However, there is a power-up that gives you 2 Pikachuís which will always save the ball for a limited number of times.

There is a spinner on the right side of both tables. You have to spin this as much as possible to fill up the gauge (on the red it's above the Bell Sprout, on the blue it's next to the Slowpoke). When the gauge is full, enter the mouth of either the Bell Sprout or the Cloister, and you will be able to try and catch a Pokemon. First of all, it is a silhouette of the Pokemon. You have to hit the Voltorbs/Shelders 6 times to make it appear, then hit the Pokemon with your Pokeball 4 times to catch it. Catch 3 Pokemon to get a boss.

When you get to start a boss fight, a mini screen will appear where a pokemon usually appears, and you'll have to get your Pokeball in the hole, like when you get a slot machine bonus. The boss fights are all about hitting the Pokemon with your Pokeball, sometimes the objective of a boss fight is pick up (hit) what the boss drops when you hit it.

Occasionally you get a chance to evolve one of the Pokemon youíve caught. On red, the Ditto will move; on blue, enter the Slowpoke. Hit what it tells you onscreen, and gather 3 ďEXĒ symbols.

You also get ball savers, which means you donít loose your multiplier when you loose a ball. Also you donít officially loose the ball. I see no pattern in how you get ball savers, I think itís just random.

A Button Right Flipper
Left D-pad Left Flipper
Start Button Pause (Save)
B Button Nudge Table
Glitch Save
If the ball falls down the sides and Pikachu fails to save it for you, keep hitting the flipper on the same side. If timed right, your flipper will grab the ball and bring it back into play.
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