Pokemon: Red Version 1998 By: Nintendo

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This (and Blue) is the game that started a craze worldwide! People everywhere (including me) wanted to battle and trade their favorite monsters. It became so popular that bosses and teachers decided to take away and ban trainers' Pokémon games. Pokémon also spawned a TV show, trading cards, clothing, toys, food, and books. Now that the craze is over, you can experience the hit game right here at CC.
The characters and story are exactly the same as Pokemon Blue, the only difference is the types of monsters that can appear.


Try to become the greatest Pokémon Master by catching all 150 Pokémon, beating the Elite Four, and foiling Team Rocket's plans for world domination.

A Button Select items from menus
B Button Cancel menus
Start Button Accesses trainer menu
Select Button Quick select for key items
Hidden Color Schemes Easter Egg
Press Up- Brown color scheme
Press Right- Green color scheme
Press Down- Beige color scheme (I think it's beige)
Press Left- Blue color scheme
Press A + Up- Autumn (Reddish-Brown) color scheme
Press A + Right- Green color scheme
Press A + Down- Yellow color scheme
Press A + Left- Blueish-Gray color scheme
Press B + Up- Brown color scheme
Press B + Right- Negative Photo (dark is light and light is dark) color scheme
Press B + Down- Yellow color scheme
Press B + Left- Gray color scheme
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