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This is simply a compilation of six Genesis games. They've been unchanged from the originals. See the reviews for the specific games for more info on them. The controls are in the following order: Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Hang-On, The Revenge of Shinobi, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and Columns.


See individual game pages for directions:
Sonic the Hedgehog

Super Hang On

Revenge of Shinobi

Golden Axe

Streets of Rage


A Button Jump, Brake, Ninjitsu, Magic, Special Attack, Rotate
B Button Jump, Accelerate, Attack, Attack, Attack, Rotate
C Button Jump, Nothing, Jump, Jump, Jump, Rotate
Start Button Start, Pause in all games
Sonic 1: Stage Select
At the title screen press Up, Down, Left, Right. Then hold A and press Start.
Super Hang-on: Have Over $18 Million in Original Mode
Enter the following password and select Original mode after entering:
The Revenge of Shinobi: Training Mode
Hold A+B+C and press Start at the start screen. An option called "Stage Practice" will appear.
Golden Axe: Stage Select
At the character select screen in Arcade mode, hold Down-Left+B and press Start. A number in the upper left corner will appear representing the level. Select the level using the D-pad.
Streets of Rage: Level and Lives Select
At the main menu, hold A+B+C+Right on controller 2 while selecting "Options" on controller 1.
Columns: Create Magic Jewel
In Easy Arcade mode, fill the two columns on the far left or far right as high as possible.
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