Action 52 1993 By: Active/ Farsight

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If you came looking for an action game.... you found it. If you came hoping a puzzle game might be found here... You've found that too. You also found sports, fantasy, and reflex games. There's a game for everyone. Action 52 is 52 games in one pack. That's right. Fifty two games.


#1. Bonkers
This is a really fun little puzzle/skill game. Admittedly it lacks replay value if you have a good memory since the puzzles never change, but getting through it once is pretty fun. Bounce the ball off the bricks to make them disappear, like Break Out, but there's a twist. You can only destroy blocks that are the same color as your ball. Not only that, but there are special blocks that don't vanish. These blocks all have special functions. Some will change the color of the ball (these have a picture of a marker point and will make the ball whatever color the marker is) and some will destroy the ball (these have a black plus sign on them).
The quicker you manage to destroy all of the destroyable blocks the more points you'll get at the end. Your score is only displayed in between levels. Your remaining balls are displayed there as well.

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