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"You're Prince Ali, and you've decided to take a stand against the evil that has permeated your island of Oasis. Your goal is to release the power of the four Wild Spirits, which will halt the resurrection of a maniacal sorcerer while also saving your empire. As you wander the island in search of evil, you can use your weapons, as well as your feet and fists, to bring the enemy down. There are also Hidden Super Moves to discover, which will make you an unstoppable force. As you progress, you'll be challenged by a myriad of puzzles that will lead you to the bosses at the end of each level, so be sure to save some of your strength for those battles. If you're successful, Oasis will remain a tranquil island; and failure means the end of your empire!"

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The colors and textures of this game are pretty awesome. Over all it looks great. The animation is smooth and enemies give a terrific yell when you defeat them. The music is pretty good, though your basic RPG music. There are plenty of different items to make game play interesting and the worlds are creative and fun to explore.


This is a fun RPG that has a lot of action. You start in a village that will be attacked. Start by defending the village, and then talk to the nearby villagers, by pressing B. If you look at your map, there will be a flag marking where you should go next.
Attacking is not too difficult. Just tap B continuously to attack with a series of stabs and kicks, or hold down B to do a backhand attack with your knife. Later on, you can obtain different weapons as well as items by defeating enemies and opening treasure chests. To open a treasure chest chest hit it with your sword. To pick up new items press B when you are next to them.
As with other RPGs, as you proceed further in your adventure you will gain experience points and learn new skills from defeating monsters and enemies.
Your health is displayed in a red vial with a heart by it that can be on either the left or right side of the screen depending on where your character is standing. Whenever you take damage the red in the vial will drop. If it drops to nothing you will die. Any keys you find during the game will be displayed next to this vial. Below this vial is another vial which indicates your Spirit Points. You will use these points every time you summon a spirit after you have found them.
Press Start to access your main menu. From here you can access your weapons, items, status and map, as well as save the game.
You can pick up various weapons throughout the game. They will be stored in your weapons menu. To change weapons press Start and then access the weapons menu by pressing B. Choose the weapon you wish to use and then press B again. Some weapons have a limited number of times you can use them. This will be shown next to the name of the weapon beneath the menu.
Any items you find, like food, will be kept in your items menu where you can access them and use them. Just select the one you want to use and press B. To exit press A or C, not Start. If you press Start again while over an item you will drop that item. You will have a limited amount of time to pick it back up before it vanishes. Weapons are the same. A bit of information about each item will appear near the bottom of the screen.
In the status screen your Rank (level or how much experience you have), H.P. (hit points or health), S.P. (Spirit Points), and Kills will be listed.
You can find different kinds of spirits throughout the game in temples or dungeons. These guys will help you out. To summon a spirit just fire your light ball at the appropriate thing. I.E. to summon a fire spirit, fire it at a flame.

A Button Exit Menu or Map
B Button Attack/Talk
C Button Tap: Jump
Hold Down: Crouch
X Button View Map
Y Button Select Weapon
Z Button Select Item
Start Button Main Menu of weapons, status, etc.
Listening to People
Talk to and listen to people to get advice on what to do next, especially main characters (such as the king and queen).
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