Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday 1991 By: EA

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I have never, and I mean never, played an EA game that was this bad. In fact I've never played a game from anywhere that was this bad! I just finished playing it and I have a headache that not even three Advil will relieve!
There is no positive side of this spectrum. The character models and all-around movement are downright awful, anything looked more appealing on Genesis than this game, even some NES games! Not only graphically does this game fail, it also fails in movement and sound. The controls are very shoddy and in battle can be hard to use, especially when you can only move so many spaces, in which you cannot see or go back. Moving your character means running into things you don't know are there repeatedly.
The music always repeats itself. Its high shrieks make nails on a chalkboard sound like heavenly bliss! Lasers, which you shoot even if you have a sword, grow annoying quickly as well. Since there is no other attack, you hear the same noise over and over again.
As I said I have never played a game that was worse than this and in one word ANNOYING! Do yourself a favor and go play Shining Force or even Golden Axe!

I give Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday a 1 out of 10!


This was EA's first attempt at an RPG formula game and it failed miserably. It is indeed quite like D&D, where you have to roll for your stats at the beginning after choosing one of only 3 races, each with limitations that became quite frustrating! A nice mechanic they did throw in, however, was being able to choose what exactly your character would look like.
Create a character from the beginning by choosing its race, sex, type, and attributes, as well as other qualities, even their gait. Then set out on your quest to each required destination and eliminate every foe that crosses your path.
Destroy the evils and take their booty, and use it to your advantage as you go forward to prevent doomsday from becoming a reality.
The battle aspect of the game is horrid, the game is either extremely easy or extremely difficult and all around (the magic word) annoying. The same thing happens each turn: Move>Attack>Wait>Die! It's a boring and hideous process that gets, you guessed it, annoying. Even in victory, the music makes you want to jump from a bridge. Looting booty is very confusing, and the game isn't much help with no instruction at all!

Use your head and be strategic about your every move, so at the end of a battle you have spared lives and gained respect! Gather up credits and purchase what you cannot already steal.
Use your leadership skills, as well as the many others, to assure victory, or a grim fate will be in your future!

A Button View Team, Abort
B Button N/A
C Button Search, Select
Start Button Pause
Use Strategy
When in battle, if you use a true strategy to eliminate your foe, you can save yourself time and comrades. This will also help determine how much your teammates will like you and listen to you, and how much booty you can score!
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