Cadash 1992 By: Taito

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The king has waited many years for a brave man to come, because Dirzar, his kingdom, was very peaceful. But the evil Balrog came and abducted Princess Salassa. He now trusts in you to go save his land. This is what you're given from the start.

Controls are very hard and overall the game can be frustrating and difficult. Most often the enemies you're up against have longer weaponry or shoot things at you, thus putting you at a great disadvantage.

The game has no creativity and more or less tries to imitate D&D and Legend of Zelda II. My advice to you: go play D&D or Legend of Zelda II!


Save the King's daughter and land by destroying The Balrog's minions and himself. Pick up valuables along the way and buy helpful items at the stores (you're gonna need them). Beware of tougher bosses, often signified by a dying person by the entrance. Rack up a score with either the fighter or mage, and save the day.

A Button Attack
B Button Jump
C Button Attack
Start Button Pause
Beware of Water
Water, for one strange reason or the other, will hurt you by one or two hp points every few seconds, and is quite hard to get out of!
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