Phantasy Star 4 1993 By: Sega

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The Story, from the Phantasy Star 4 opening sequence...
The Algo solar system, somewhere in space... Once a brilliant
civilization flourished here. The citizens devoted themselves to art
and the sciences, and life was prosperous and good. Then a series of
disasters struck. The system-wide management system, 'Mother Brain' was
destroyed. So was the first planet, Parma. Over 90% of the system's
population died, and the advanced technological culture was lost.
Society declined, spiraling downward until at last only a few scattered
groups even remembered there once were better times. A thousand years passed. At last, civilization is once more on the rise across the Algo system. People are again turning to thoughts of an easier life. Old knowledge is being rediscovered. But, just as things look brighter, beyond a threshold long thought closed, a dark and very ancient evil stirs...

Your Mission, from the Phantasy Star 4 game manual:
You begin the game as Chaz, an aspiring Hunter straight out of
training. Your partner, Alys, is a crafty veteran whose good looks and
prowess with the blade have earned her an awesome reputation. Your first assignment, a monster hunt deep in the basement of Motavia Academy, leads to a quest to save Motavia from destruction.

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