Simpsons: Virtual Bart 1994 By: Acclaim

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Bart is at his science fair looking at the projects as he walks around. He notices a sign saying Virtual on it, thinks it's kewl, and walks in. But, he disregarded the note below it saying Victim Needed. Now Bart is stuck in a Virtual Game machine fighting to survive the horrific games! Help him live it out in this fun and quite interesting game!


Get Bart out of the Virtual Game machine by beating each mini game that is set up for him! Stop the spin on a mini game and try to get out of the science fair before you lose your life! Throw tomatoes, jump through trees, and even try to live the Apocalypse!

A Button Jump/Throw Tomato/Toss Balloon
B Button Whip Tail/Shoot Binkie/Accelerate
C Button Kick
Start Button Pause
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