Dragon Warrior 3 1991 By: Enix

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You are the young Hero of Aliahan. The character sleeping in the bed is YOU. Your mother says you have to see the King of Aliahan today. Follow her and she will show you the path leading to the castle of Aliahan.

Go straight ahead and enter the castle. Take the stairs in front of you to get to the second floor. Approach the King and listen to what he has to say. "Thy enemy shall be the Archfiend Baramos," says the King. Trusting you to succeed, he will give you 50 pieces of Gold.

The King and his counselor say traveling alone will be too dangerous. You need to organize an expedition party. At Luisa's Place, the eatery located in the northwest corner of the castle town of Aliahan, you can recruit up to three allies to help you in your quest. Walk up to the counter in the back, face Luisa (the woman behind the counter) and press the A Button. The Command Window will come up. Select TALK and press the A Button to talk to her. When asked what you want, select ADD MEMBER. She will record the current conditions in the Imperial Scrolls of Honor and show the list of available characters. A customer in the eatery recommends you recruit a Soldier, a Pilgrim, and a Wizard. Initially three ready-made characters are available, but you can register characters of your own creation. To do so, go upstairs to the Adventurer's Hall of Registration. You can register up to 11 characters. You will probably enjoy your quest even more with your favorite allies.

--From the NES Dragon Warrior 3 instruction manual.

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Dragon Warrior 3 was the first of the series to let you start the quest with a party of people. The graphics were stepped up just a little from its predecessors. Also these two additions made this chapter in the series very interesting. With a good size party came the ability to carry more items. Dragon Warrior 3 is yet another great addition to our RPG collection.


Build a party and save the world from evil once again.

A Button Open Command Window. Enter your selection in Command Window and other screens.
B Button Cancel selection and/or go back to previous screen.
Start Button Skip the opening scene
Select Button None
Unlimited money
Leave the castle and travel to the "Adventurer's Hall of Registration". Create a list of soldiers, then go downstairs to the "Eatery". Enlist three of the soldiers, sell their equipment, then remove them from your party to collect 400 gold. Repeat this procedure to gain unlimited funds.
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