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Long ago, in a far away land just around the corner, raged a battle against a fierce Wizard.

The Wizard was cruel beyond imagination, and cast his bad magic upon the good people of the kingdom. Legions of soldiers were sent out to battle the Wizard, but the soldiers returned to the king defeated and disgraced.

Fortunately, sorcerers loyal to the good king devised a magical means to create a dragon. By having the dragon fight the Wizard, no more harm would come to the townspeople or the King's soldiers.

The sorcerers were victorius as the dragon's great power defeated the Wizard. The king ordered the sorcerers to entomb the Wizard inside of a special sword. The little kingdom was safe from the wizard, and the people were prosperous once again.

The good sorcerers told the king, "Should the Wizard ever escape from within this special sword, only a warrior from a faraway land will be able to defeat him!" The next day, the sorcerers had mysteriously disappeared.

The special sword was placed in the care of only the highest officials in the land, and was passed down along with the prophecy from one generation to the next. All the while, the Wizard, entombed within the special sword, thought to himself, "If I were so fortunate to escape this prison of mine, then the people of this little kingdom shall suffer the wrath of my revenge!"

Then, one day, not too long ago, in the kingdom of FARIA something terribly ominous was in the air...

--From the NES Faria instruction manual.

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A princess has been captured, and now you, the soldier, must save her! Along the way, you must also save the entire world! For the sake of the land of Faria, you must!


This game plays much like Zelda 1 and 2! When you get out of a town, you get to move around until you hit a random encounter, in which you can fight the enemies and get what they drop! Now, you must defeat all enemies to leave. If you don't, you'll probably drop some cash! There are many different weapons, from swords to bows to magic!

A Button Use weapon
B Button Manipulate special item, cancel command
Start Button Bring up command pause menu
Select Button Select special item in battle scene
Powerup trick
When you're at the title screen, press the Start button and choose the ''New Game'' option and press Start again. On an empty file press A to be taken to the insert name screen. Type in your name as: GaoGao
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