Milon's Secret Castle 1986 By: Hudson

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Milon lives in the land of Hudson where people use music to communicate with each other However, Milon does not have the ability to communicate. He always ask himself why he is the only one who lacks the ability to understand people and music. One day he decides to travel through Out the land of Hudson to search for other people like himself. Before leaving for his trip, Milon decides to visit Queen Eliza who lives in Hudson's Secret Castle.

When Milon arrives at the Secret Castle, the people were being attacked by the Evil Warlord from the north region. The warlord robs the people of all their musical instruments and occupies the Secret Castle. Queen Eliza is held captive deep inside the Secret Castle by the Warlord and his demon-monsters. Milon volunteers to fight the Evil Warlord and his demons and to rescue Queen Eliza and the musical instruments for the people of Hudson. This will not be an easy task. The Secret Castle has many different rooms and each room is a maze filled with demons, secret passages and doors. However, the Castle�s Magician tells Milon that Queen Eliza has hidden many tools, instruments and money to help him. The Magician also gives Milon a magic "Bubble" to assist him in finding the places where the helpful items are hidden and where they may be bought.

--From the NES Milon's Secret Castle instruction manual.


You play as the young tone deaf apprentice named Milon, a wizard. The apprentice has the power to shoot bubbles to kill enemies and other things, too! Now, Milon must find his master in a very large, secret castle by solving puzzles! Can you do it?!


You have to kill the baddies by shooting bubbles at them. Use the control pad to control the bubbles! The bubbles can also be used to shoot the blocks to sometimes reveal money, amongst other things. If you get low on energy, use hearts to recover one bar. If you really want to win, you have to collect money to buy stuff at shops. Collect honeycombs to give Milon one bar of energy! While holding medicine, if you touch a boxing glove, you can shrink down to half your normal size. But the real thing you have to worry about is how to get the keys! The keys can unlock doors to certain levels.

A Button Jump
B Button Shoot bubble
Start Button Pause/Unpause
Select Button No use
After collecting the first crystal, hold Left while pressing Start to continue the game.
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