Urban Champion 1984 By: Nintendo

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Don't let the bully of the block push you around. Fight for your right to walk the street. Hit 'em high or hit 'em Iow, but don't forget to dodge or block his punches. Avoid being taken away by the Police or bonked on the head by a flower pot in your fight to hold your head up high. Spar with the computer bully or with a friend to see who's the toughest on the block.

--From the NES Urban Champion instruction manual.

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You play as a street punk who is proven to show everyone that you have what it takes to knock anybody out! So a punk comes up to you and challenges you to a fight!

This game is also available for the Gameboy Advance's accessory, the e-Reader!


You both start off with 3 lives, and you must knock your opponent off screen to get your opponent to lose a life! You start with a stamina of 200, but it can be lost if attacked by something or if you land an attack yourself! When at 0, you will be temporarily stunned. You will recover, but still at a low stamina until one of you is knocked offscreen. Hitting the other guy first ins't the only way to keep yourself in the fight. You can block by pressing Up just before a high punch lands or Down just before a low punch.

A Button Throw light fast punch
B Button Throw heavy slow punch
Start Button Confirm selection, pause/unpause
Select Button Switch between games at title menu
It is almost impossible to land a heavy punch if your opponent throws jabs a lot, unless he gets stunned. But if you block he'll pause for just long enough to let you knock his block off!
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