Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 1991 By: KOEI

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China in 190 A.D. was in a state of chaos. The Later Han Dynasty, which had ruled for the previous 165 years, was rapidly losing the throne. In the lands surrounding the palace, power-hungry generals usurped control, and the Emperor lost all authority over his kingdom.
Yet, these were only the early stages of a great power race that encompassed the country. As rulers clashed and territorial lines were drawn, the struggle to dominate mounted. By 215 A.D. China was divided into three kingdoms: Wei in the North, Wu on the East, and Shu in the West.

--from the SNES Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 instruction booklet

In this strategic war game, you control pretty much all aspects of life in your small area of the country. The final goal is to unite the warring kingdoms of China under one rule, hopefully yours.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms is an incredible series of games, bringing home the history of feudal China and letting you relive it as one of the key players. With a good graphical interface, all your commands are at your fingertips. The music may get tiresome, but the sounds effects are decent, so keep busy and you won't have to listen to the same loop for too long. Soon you'll be on your way to glory, building alliances and wiping out your enemies. Each move you make brings you one step closer to the throne, or your ultimate doom if you make a mistake!


Through land management, recruiting soldiers and generals, buying weapons, careful use of diplomacy, and learning various strategies and tactics, you must not only defend yourself, but expand your territory. Conquer neighboring kingdoms in battle, or convince them to be your ally. Weaken your foes by sowing discord and watch them kill each other off. However you do it, at the end of the day you must be the last ruler standing.

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