Secret of Evermore 1995 By: Squaresoft

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After years of research and many failed attempts, Professor Sidney Ruffleberg finally did it! With one brilliant shot of electricity, he successfully catapulted himself and his friends into a fantasy world of their own design. He called the world "Evermore" and watched over it from a futuristic city, floating high above the ancient lands. What the professor didn't know was that a sinister force has been working against him from the beginning. This entity would quickly make Professor Sid's dreams into a nightmare from which there would be no escape. In the real world, the disappearance of the professor and his friends went largely unnoticed.

Years after the spark that sealed the fate of the scientist and his friends, the mansion was an abandoned, deteriorating heap -- a mysterious structure from the past. And a mystery it would have remained if it weren't for the adventuring instincts of a boy and his dog from Podunk. Propelled into Evermore without so much as a warning, they find a world that has gone from a fantasy-born utopia to a dream turned upside-down. With his wits, weapons, and will the boy finds adventure, and the dog sniffs out everything else.

Seek out the leaders of the lands of Evermore. They alone can help you unravel the mysteries of the land. Discover the secret of Evermore or you will never see Podunk again.

--From the SNES Secret of Evermore instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 4 copies are available for full accounts.
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Find the leaders of Evermore to help you find the secrets and get back to your hometown of Podunk.

Unlimited Bazooka Ammo
If you Purchase the ammo that has 800atk power, a glitch in the game somehow gives you infininte uses of the ammo rather than only 10 uses of the ammo.
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