Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits 1996 By: Williams

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This is one of the compilations that game companies occasionally come up with. The games are as follows:

Defender: In this side-scrolling space shooter, you have to defeat all the enemies to continue to the next level.

Defender II: The sequel to Defender. In addition to all the features in the original, you can warp to the other side of the planet.

Joust: Knock all the enemies off the vultures and collect the eggs.

Robotron: 2084: Shoot the robots with your laser to proceed to the next level. Remember, the last human family's fate is in your hands.

Sinistar: Your goal in this game is to mine Sinibombs from asteroids and defeat Sinistar (the big white guy floating around). Also beware of the little aliens waiting to attack you.

I like the fact that Williams ported these games to SNES, but I don't get to see the attract screens. I would rather play the games in their Shockwave versions and in Midway Arcade Treasures (PS2, Xbox, GCN) than play ports that don't have the feel of the original.

I will list the controls for the games in the order that they're presented in the main menu.


Relive the moments of your favorite arcade hits from the '80s.

A Button Nothing, Inviso, Flap, Fire Right, Nothing
B Button Hyperspace, Hyperspace, Flap, Fire Down, Nothing
X Button Bomb, Bomb, Flap, Fire Up, Sinibomb
Y Button Fire, Fire, Flap, Fire Left, Fire
L Button Switch Direction, Switch Direction, Flap, Nothing, Nothing
R Button Move, Move, Flap, Nothing, Hide Status Bar
Start Button Pause
Select Button Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Auto-Fire, Slow Motion
255 Lives
This will only happen if Sinistar sucks you in on your last life and a UFO appears during this action. A -1 will appear in your lives.
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