Baseball 1984 By: Nintendo

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This classic was remade for the wii in wii sports although if the version for wii was just based on Baseball i doubt it would be any different with an addictive tune that will get stuck in your head, addictive game play and infuriatingly bad AI this game may be the perfect blend of good and bad, making for an awesome game.


You have the choice of one an two player games where the 2 player is just against each other. After selecting your team, which are just one letter, apparently they represent teams in the MLB with matching uniforms, but im english so i wouldn't know much about that. (i still don't get that.) you then start playing if your playing 2-player first player will be batting first if not then you will be pitching first.


As the pitcher you will have to use the the d-pad + A to vary your throws adding direction and speed, also when one of your fielders ball but doesn't get the batter out, then you have to throw it to what every part of the diamond you need to up for the 2nd left for the 3rd etc... using the A + D-pad. If you use the d-pad + B you can throw it to other bases depending on which d-button you press.


As the batter using your d-pad you can vary where you stand using the D-pad and swing with A the timing of your swing varies it's direction and distance, you can also command your runners to steal basses using the d-pad and A+B at the same time, it's not recommended you steal a base because the infield AI is actually amazing

This game is surprisingly addictive and can provide tons of fun.

A Button throw/swing
A+(B Button) steal(catch out stealer)
Start Button pause
Select Button Nothing
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