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Once upon a time, there were two families. They didn't really hate each other, but some man named Richard Dawson helped them sort out their differences in a battle of smarts.... thus the Family Feud is born!

When it comes to gameshows, two famous names come to mind. Merv Griffin and Mark Goodson (what irony that their initials match). Merv Griffin is famous for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, meanwhile, Mark Goodson is famous for The Price is Right, Match Game, and Family Feud.


The whole idea is to win the game and get past the 200 point mark. when you do that, you go to the bulls-eye round (if you lose the game, the opposite family doesn't play, either from tax problems or family problems) for a chance at a whackload of imaginary money, which you can brag about at school, at work, or wherever you feel like bragging about winning at a 90's Nintendo game.

A Button Set commands
B Button N/A
Start Button Start game
Select Button N/A
Toss-up Strategy
When the survey question comes up, it will tell you the top number of answers. You can easily win the toss-up. Once you do, guess the best possible answer (it's pretty simple) then if you get control of the board, look at it. If there are very few answers, take them (unless you don't know jack about the category); if there are a lot of answers, throw them over, unless you are sure that you know every answer on the board. To help you remember, recite this: If it's small, take it all. If it's big, throw it like a dirty wig.
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