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R.B.I. Baseball 2 had a lot of improvements over the first installment. The graphics looked better. The players looked more like people instead of short fat things. The sounds were almost the same, but this time you have the option of turning them off. They also added the feature of real teams with real players' names. They still only have one stadium to play in, though. They also added the ability to see how far your homers go.
The A.I. still wasn't very good though, your baserunners don't know to hang out by the base they are on when a pop fly is hit. They also got rid of the down by ten runs rule, they won't call the game until all the innings are played. This installment was also fitted with a replay tool. After a pivotal play, the game might replay it on its own, or you can pause the game anytime you want and replay it yourself.
You can also change your lineup before the game starts in this installment. You also have more options on playing the computer, and you can change the difficulty level. The controls are exactly the same as the first one, except they added the ability to dive for the ball while you are playing defense. The first installment was mediocre, but this one is a little better.


Choose one or two players. If you are going to play against the computer, you might want to set the difficulty under the options menu at the title screen. Choose your team/s and decide which pitcher you want to lead off with. Also you need to choose your batting order, or you can just leave it the way it is.
While batting press A to swing. Use a half swing if you want to bunt. Press A and B plus the base you want to steal to make baserunners steal bases. The bases are defined by pressing a direction on the D-pad: right is first base; up is second base; left is third base; down is home plate. When running the bases you must press A and the bases you want to run to to advance, and you must press B and the base you want to run to to retreat.
While pitching, press A to pitch the ball. If you press down while pitching you will throw a fastball. Press up while pitching to throw the ball slow. You can also press left and right while the ball is in the air to make it curve. If you press B, you can make an attempt to pick off a baserunner. While fielding, press A and the base you want to throw it to after you catch the ball. You can also press both A and B at the same time to jump or dive for the ball. If you want to try and run a baserunner down, press B and the base you want to run towards.
At anytime during the game, you can press start to call time out. From here you can make substitutions, or watch a replay.

A Button Pitch/Throw/Swing/Run
B Button Pick Off/Run Down/Bunt/Run back
Start Button Start/Time Out
Select Button Pause
Pitching Strategy
Be sure to vary your pitches well, or the computer will start to catch on to your habits and get more hits off you.
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