Win, Lose or Draw 1990 By: Hi Tech Expressions

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Based on the popular game show and party game. Guess the clues based on the pictures drawn by the other team (or let the computer do the dwawing).


This is probably the worst concept I've ever seen for porting a party game or game show to a console video game. The medium just doesn't lend itself to what Win Lose or Draw is all about. First off it's pretty hard to draw anything recognizable with a Nintendo controller and a time limit. At least it's not an Etch-A-Sketch; you can push A to move the pointer without drawing, so you don't have to try to retrace yourself if you need to start a new line. But the game structure is pretty bizarre even if you ignore the implementation of the drawing component. I think in the party game the drawing guy is on the same team as the guessers. Otherwise you'll need a referee to prevent people from drawing the wrong thing just to intentionally confuse the other team, right? How am I supposed to guess 'cat' when you've clearly drawn a car? Oh, right, you're not on my team, why should you try to help me get the right answer? One answer to this is to let the computer do all the drawing for you. Also, play is slightly more interesting on the harder difficulty levels, because the words are longer and not neccesarily simple concepts like 'dog'. On the other hand, it's pretty frustrating to try to spell a long word with the poor interface in this game. As for graphics and sound, you can guess there isn't much to this version of Win Lose or Draw. The human figures are recognizable, and I guess those are meant to be couches they're sitting on. The music is a very annoying and very short song that repeats infinitely until you are driven screaming mad from the room. There are a grand total of three sound effects, and none of them is any good. Presumably all the memory for this game was reserved for a vast library of secret words and clue pictures, so if you can stand to play at all you can at least hope not to see the same words every time.

A Button Change Options, Pick Letters, Toggle Pen
B Button Submit Answer, Erase Drawing
Start Button Start/Pause
B Ain't Backspace!
The most frustrating thing while playing this game is to realize you've put in the wrong letter. You'll want to press B to go back, right, since A is to enter the letter and go forward, right? But B is of course to submit your answer, and you lose points for putting in the wrong answer, so make sure you remember to go over to the little backspace arrow when you need to correct yourself.
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