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Ice ClimberNES
Ice HockeyNES
Ice Hockey2600
Iggy's Reckin BallsN64
Ignition FactorSNES
Ikari WarriorsNES
Ikari Warriors 2NES
Ikari Warriors 3NES
Illusion of GaiaSNES
IMG International Tour TennisGEN
Impossible Mission 2NES
In the Zone 98N64
In Your FaceGB
Incredible Crash DummiesSNES
Incredible Crash DummiesGEN
Incredible Crash DummiesSGG
Incredible Crash DummiesGB
Incredible HulkGEN
Incredible HulkSNES
Incredible HulkSGG
Incredible Hulk, TheGBA
Incredibles, TheGBA
Indiana Jones and The Infernal MachineGBC
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeGEN
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeSMS
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeSGG
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomNES
Indiana Jones Greatest AdventuresSNES
Indy 5002600
Insector XGEN
Inspector GadgetSNES
Inspector Gadget: Operation Mad KactusGBC
International RallyGBC
International Superstar SoccerGB
International Tennis TourSNES
Iridion 2GBA
Iridion 3DGBA
Iron Man X-O Manowar in Heavy MetalSGG
Iron TankNES
Ishido The Way of StonesGEN
Ishido The Way of StonesGB
It's Only Rock N RollCOL
Ivan Stewart's Super Off RoadNES
Izzy's Quest for the Olympic RingsGEN
Jack Nicklaus GolfNES
Jack Nicklaus GolfSNES
Jack Nicklaus GolfGB
Jack Nicklaus' Power Challenge GolfGEN
James Bond 007COL
James Bond Jr.SNES
James Buster Douglas Knockout BoxingGEN
James Pond 2: Codename RobocodSGG
James Pond 2: Codename RobocodGEN
James Pond 2: Codename RobocodSMS
James Pond 3: Operation StarfishGEN
James Pond: Underwater AgentGEN
Jeopardy 25th Anniversary EditionNES
Jeopardy Junior EditionNES
Jeopardy! Deluxe EditionSNES
Jeopardy! Deluxe EditionGEN
Jeopardy! Sports EditionSGG
Jeopardy! Sports EditionGEN
Jeopardy! Sports EditionSNES
Jeopardy! Sports EditionGB
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000GBC
Jetsons: Invasion of the Planet PiratesSNES
Jewel MasterGEN
Jim Lee's Wild C.A.T.SSNES
Jim Power The Lost Dimension in 3DSNES
Jimmy Conner's TennisSNES
Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament USASNES
Jimmy Neutron Boy GeniusGBA
Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Attack of the TwonkiesGBA
Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Vs. Jimmy NegatronGBA
Joe & MacSNES
Joe & MacGEN
Joe & MacGB
Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the TropicsSNES
Joe Montana 2 Sports Talk FootballGEN
Joe Montana FootballGEN
Joe Montana FootballSMS
Joe Montana FootballSGG
John Elway's QuarterbackNES
John Madden FootballGEN
John Madden FootballSNES
John Madden Football 92GEN
John Madden Football 93SNES
John Madden Football 93GEN
John Madden Football 93: Championship EditionGEN
Jordan vs. BirdGEN
Joshua: The Battle of JericoGEN
Journey Escape2600
Journey to SiliusNES
Judge DreddGEN
Judge DreddSNES
Judge DreddGB
Judge DreddSGG
Jumpman JuniorCOL
Jungle BookSGG
Jungle BookSNES
Jungle BookGEN
Jungle BookGB
Jungle BookSMS
Jungle BookGBA
Jungle HuntCOL
Jungle Hunt2600
Jungle StrikeGEN
Jungle StrikeSNES
Jurassic ParkSNES
Jurassic ParkSGG
Jurassic ParkGB
Jurassic ParkNES
Jurassic ParkGEN
Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos ContinuesSNES
Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos ContinuesGB
Jurassic Park Part 3: Island AttackGBA
Jurassic Park: Rampage EditionGEN
Jurassic Park: The Lost WorldGEN
Jurassic Park: The Lost WorldGB
Jurassic Park: The Lost WorldSGG
Justice League ChroniclesGBA
Justice League Task ForceSNES
Justice League Task ForceGEN